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Volunteer Spotlight

Stephanie Durante

Stephanie Durante

Our Volunteer Spotlight shines brightly on Stephanie Durante this month. She’s been a volunteer at AHS since May 2012 – and has donated hundreds of hours to helping the animals in our care. As a Yellow BRATT, Durante works with our dogs that need a little more attention. She also lends a hand at special adoption events – including walking the runway at Rags to Wags. Durante is always smiling and willing to help both people and animals. Lets’ give her a hand – and paw – for a job well done!

365 days a year, volunteers from all over the Austin area and beyond come to AHS to play with puppies, walk dogs, keep the company of cats and kittens, help our clinic staff, work with potential adopters and attend special events in the community! In one year, our volunteer hours equal that of 22 full time employees! We cannot thank our volunteers enough for all the time and compassion they give to the animals.

Volunteers make the AHS world go around. Do you have pictures of AHS volunteers doing what they love best? Please submit to: Thanks!