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Feral Cat Trap-Neuter-Return ProgramFeral Cat Trap-Neuter-Return Program

We've all seen stray and feral cats. They're the homeless cats who often live in colonies somewhere in our neighborhood. But left unchecked, these stray cats will cause a population boom that won't be good for them or us. So we're happy to be the only organization in Austin offering free spay/neuter of feral cats. Learn more about feral cats on our Feral Cat FAQs page.

In fact, since the program began in 2007, our clinic has sterilized more than 30,000 feral cats. Considering just one unsterilized female cat and her offspring can be responsible for over 10,000 kittens in just four years, we think this program is pretty important to the health and safety of Austin's feral cats!

In order to trap, sterilize and return stray cats to their colonies, we need your help. It's as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Receive training on how to use our safe, humane cat traps when you rent the trap.

2. Make an appointment to bring ferals to our clinic.

3. Borrow a trap, trap the cats and bring them to our clinic.

The Feral Cat Program is for anyone in Central Texas who wants to make a difference and save some lives. Consider becoming a Feral Cat Trapper for the Austin Humane Society. Whether it's just one time or many times, you can help save feral cats and prevent a future population boom.

Ready to become a Feral Cat Trapper, or just know of a feral colony near you? Contact:

Mike DiTullio, Feral Cat Program Supervisor
(512) 685-0111


Want to be more involved in our Feral Cat TNR Program? Join our Feral Cat Yahoo Group today! Email to join today!

Are you having trouble with feral cats in your neighborhood? Read our Feral Cat FAQs to learn more about living in harmony with feral cats.

Donate today to help fund our TNR Program! Or donate items to the shelter!

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