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Court Ordered Community Service Orientations and CSR hours are suspended until further notice.

The Austin Humane Society has a separate volunteer program for individuals looking to complete court-ordered community service hours. This program, called our Community Service Restitution (CSR) program provides invaluable services to us and keeps our shelter running more efficiently. Because of restrictions from jurisdictions that we work with, CSR volunteers are not permitted to work directly with the animals. However, the duties that they perform support the animals by keeping our facility and equipment clean and sanitary.

All participants are required to attend a CSR orientation before starting their hours. This orientation is held every Friday morning at 9:00am. It only lasts one hour, so everyone is required to arrive before 9:00. Registration is not required, and participants need to bring a photo ID, and any paperwork from whoever assigned the community service, if applicable. Unfortunately, due to the size of the program and time restraints, we are unable to offer alternative training times.

Once our CSR volunteers go through orientation, they are free to volunteer as their schedule allows. Hours for volunteering are Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm and Sunday 8am-5pm.

Please note that CSR volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. Contact Sarah Hammel at 512-685-0124 or with any questions regarding the CSR program.

The following offenses are not accepted in the Community Service Restitution program:

  • Crimes against animals
  • Crimes with a weapon
  • Assault or battery of any nature
  • Robbery, theft, or burglary