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Info, get your info!

Need the 4-1-1 on a p-e-t? Our resource section provides you with helpful articles and useful links to other websites. We also cover everything there is to know about the pet over-population problem in Austin and some great animal safety tips. Welcome to your one-stop resource shop.

Local Resources

Questions or concerns about animal rights? Someone in Austin has the answer, and chances are, they’re right here. Search these local organizations and get the answers you need to keep all pets safe.

Pet Articles

What’s new pussycat? We’ve logged some of the most helpful and up-to-date articles on pets, and here’s where you’ll find them.

Veterinary Partners

Meet the vet clinics that donate their time and services to Austin Humane Society.


Introducing the exciting game that tests your feral cat-trapping skills. Click and catch feral cartoon cats as they pop up around Austin, then see how well you scored.