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Pitbull Fact vs. FictionPitbull Fact vs. Fiction

Did you take ourr Pitbull IQ Trivia Quiz? Wondering what questions you go wrong? Suprised by the correct answers? Learn more here!

  1. Pit Bull is not a breed -- but how many different breeds are commonly considered as "Pit Bulls"?
    Correct Answer: 20
    There is no AKC recognized Pit Bull breed. Breeds that are commonly referred to as Pit Bulls include: American Pit Bull terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, American Bulldog, Bull Mastiff, Boxer, Dogo Argentino, and Olde English Bulldogge.
  2. Is this dog a Pit Bull?

    Correct Answer: No
  3. Statistically speaking, which is more dangerous: SUVs or Pit Bulls?
    Correct Answer: SUVs

    Stastically fatal dog bites, and Pit Bull bites, are insignificant. SUVs injure and kill exponentially more people annually than dogs.
  4. The UK banned a variety of dog breeds including Pit Bulls. What happened to the number of dog bites reported in the UK after the ban took place?
    Correct Answer: Stayed the same.
    After a group of dogs, including Pit Bulls and other "bully breeds" were outlawed in the UK the number of dog bites did not decrease -- they stayed exactly the same.
  5. What is a "resident dog"?
    Correct Answer: A dog that is always kept outside with little human interaction or socialization; frequently they are chained.
    These dogs are undersocialized and are far more likely to bite than a dog that is integrated into a family.
  6. 97% of dogs that bite people are....
    Correct Answer: Intact (not neutered/spayed).

    This is just another reason to have your pet spayed/neutered. There are a number of factors that increase inatact animals chances of biting, but for example, a female dog that has just given birth may bite to protect her litter. So remember -- spay/neuter your pets!
  7. What three factors are almost always present when a dog bites...
    Correct Answer: The dog is a resident dog, is intact, and has reckless owners.
    Spayed/neutered, family-oriented dogs with responsible owners almost never attack unless they are in a pack, and this is still very rare and usually follows some type of aggrevation/teasing and is always preceded with warning.
  8. What breed of dog has NOT had a reputation as "the most dangerous dogs" at some point in American history?
    Correct Answer: Mastiff
    At one time or another each of these dogs has been labeled as the most dangerous dog breed in the country. Public opinion on this subject changes according to media coverage, the popularity of the breed, and what the breed is used for. For example, in Alaska during the Gold Rush northern breed dogs were used to pull sleds, but were set loose in the summers with no food. The dogs formed into packs, and attacked locals out of starvation. Bloodhounds were used during Civil War times to track down and often attack runaway slaves, so they were considered vicious. Today we do not consider these dogs as "bully breeds" -- it makes you wonder which poor breed will be the next to receive the unlucky stereotype.
  9. True or False: Pit Bulls have locking jaws.
    Correct Answer: False.
    Pit Bulls jaws are no different than any other dog -- no dog has locking jaws.
  10. True or False: Pit Bulls have stronger bites than any other dog.
    Correct Answer: False.
    Both German Shephereds and Rottweilers have stronger jaws than a Pit Bull.
  11. True or False: Dogs attack without warning.
    Correct Answer: False.
    Dogs provide warning when they are getting ready to attack, however many people overlook these signs. Signs of an impending attack include: dog becomes stiff, dog curls lips over teeth, dog lowers head, hair on the back of the dogs neck and spine stand up, and many more. If you are in a situation where a dog is preparing to bite then stop, do not look the dog in the eye, and back slowly away.
  12. As a whole, Pit Bulls temperments were rated higher (more tolerant) than all of these dogs, EXCEPT...
    Correct Answer: Boxer 
    Pit Bulls received an 82% tolerance rating -- which is higher than the average dog which received only 77%. They actually received a rating similar to popular breeds such as Australian Shepherd, Dalmation, Italian Greyhound, and Yorkshire Terriers.
  13. True or False: Several of Michael Vick's dogs are now therapy dogs?
    Correct Answer: True.
  14. How many documented cases of dog bite fatalities involve a spayed/nuetered, family-socialized American Pit Bull?
    Correct Answer: 0
    There is not one documented case of an Americal Pit Bull that was spayed/neutered, family-socialized and not in a pack causing a human death.
  15. Pit Bulls used to be referred to by what nickname?
    Correct Answer: Nursemaids
    In the past, Pit Bulls were reffered to as "nursemaids" or "nurse dogs" because of their gentle, friendly and reliable demeanor with children.
  16. True or False: Pit Bulls score worse than the average dog on temperment tests?
    Correct Answer: False
    The average dog only scored 77% while Pit Bulls scored 82%.

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