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BREED: Mixed Breed, Large (over 44 lbs fully grown)
SEX: Male
DOB: 08/27/2017
AGE: 3 years 3 months
WEIGHT: 51 pounds
COLOR: Brown
LOCATION: Foster Home

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You've really found the most amazing pup. Sarge will make your home complete! He truly has two personalities - playful and energetic, eager to make new people friends and puppy friends but also SUCH a snuggler! Sarge loves long walks, exploring new places, going to the dog park, taking afternoon naps, and making new friends.

His general demeanor is energetic and he can be a bit strong on his leash, but is very well trained to listen to his handler. He knows his name and responds quickly when called. He gets a bit overly excited about approaching other pups or seeing a squirrel!

Sarge is crate trained and is fine being left for ~6 hours. He would likely be well behaved left freely in a space he knows with few "chewable" items. In the evening, he loves watching you cook but is well mannered when you are sitting to eat and knows he does not participate in human dinner time! :)

More than anything, Sarge wants to give love and get love! He is loyal, cuddly, and gentle. He would do best in a home with a yard and another dog to play with but will settle in any space where he is gets plenty of exercise and affection!