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BREED: Domestic Shorthair
SEX: Female
DOB: 02/24/2017
AGE: 3 years 8 months
WEIGHT: 14 pounds
COLOR: Black
LOCATION: Foster Home

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Sapphire may or may not have been Winston Churchill in a past life. The similarities she shares with the venerated statesman go beyond just the physical (although she is rather rotund). Sapphire is pensive, independent, and courageous, even when faced with the challenge of her foster's somewhat unwelcoming house cats. She is steadfast in her pursuit of snacks, but magnanimous and happy to share her bowl with feline friends and foe alike. Unlike Churchill, who was a renowned orator, Sapphire is a cat of few words, but generously offers up her belly for a scritch to let you know she's ready for love. She is friendly but demure; she likes to share space with you but isn't overly attached. She is a fastidious groomer and, like a true British diplomat, perfectly polite when it comes to the litter box.