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Feral Cat ProgramFeral Cat Program


Feral cats---also known as "free-roaming"---are the largest cause of pet overpopulation in Austin. Thousands of feral cats are born into homelessness every year, often right in our own neighborhoods. Left unattended, feral cat colonies would grow out of control. But with your help, we are committed to solving this problem. 

The Austin Humane Society's Feral Cat Trap-Neuter-Return Program is solving our community's feral cat problem. Launched in spring 2007, the program has already sterilized and vaccinated more than 30,000 feral cats. As the only program offering free feral cat sterilization in Austin, we're proud to provide our community with this simple, easy, and effective program. 

How the Program Works:

1. Ordinary citizens (like you!) contact the AHS Feral Cat Program. You do not need to be a shelter volunteer. 

2. We provide you with simple, humane traps, which you use to safely capture the feral cats. You can rent the traps from us anytime between 8am - 7pm Mon - Sat and 8am - 5pm on Sunday.  We will even show you how to use them!

3. The cats are brought to AHS by appointment, where they are spayed/neutered and vaccinated by the AHS Clinic for free! Make your reservations below.

4. The cats are then returned to the humane traps for you to pick up. We ask you to watch the cats overnight to ensure there are no complications, then they can be released back to their colonies.

In 2009, the feline euthanasia rate dropped more than 40%, and we're proud to have contributed to that great news.

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For more information on how you can become part of the solution, please contact:

Mike DiTullio, Feral Cat Program Supervisor
(512) 646-7387