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Make Sure Your Pet's First Day Home is a Success!Make Sure Your Pet's First Day Home is a Success!

Bringing a pet home is an exciting time -- but it is also a stressful time for your new pet.

Imagine that you were put into a car without warning, driven somewhere you'd never been, and ushered into a completely new environment with people you barely know. You would probably be a bit uncomfortable and unsure. So if your new pet.

That is why we recommend you do the following when you adopt a pet:

Go straight home. Please do not stop at the pet store, the groomer, etc. The longer the pet is in the car and the more locations they visit, the more anxious they are likely to be.

Do not open the car door before your pet is leashed or in a carrier. Pets frequently run away with in the first few minutes of their arrival home. They're scared and they are prone to dart off, so please be careful. 

Keep things low key. It's best to keep things pretty quiet in your home for the first week or so after your new pet comes home so that they can adjust to normal life.

Give your pets some alone time. They are stressed, so please allow them down time to gather themselves, rest and adjust to their surroundings.

Rule of Threes. In general, we see something we call the Rule of Threes for dogs specifically. After a dog enters a new environment, they will change dramatically after 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months. So please be patient!

Be patient. It can take days, weeks or months for a pet to reveal their true personality, become comfortable and bond with you completely. Please keep this in mind so that you are the highest chances for success!

After you adopt, if you have any questions, please visit our resources section on our website to learn tips and tricks! We also suggest you check out Dr. Patricia McConnell's book, Love Has No Age Limit, it's a great guide for bringing new dogs home.

Give Your Pets Their Own Feast on ThanksgivingGive Your Pets Their Own Feast on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for everything we love in our lives, our pets included.

Thanksgiving is a time of fun and feasts for humans and there is no reason your pets shouldn't get to have their own little feast! Check out these great, easy to make recipes and tips to make sure your pets have a great turkey day!

Turkey Dinner: Give your pet their own turkey dinner with this great homemade turkey dog food recipe! Don't forget the kitty, check out this great Thanksgiving cat food recipe

Sweet Potatoes: No Thanksgiving is complete without sweet potatoes! Did you know sweet potatoes are good for your pets, too? Check out this great recipe for sweet potato dog treats

A Little Bit of Pumpkin: Pumpkin pie is a favorite Thanksgiving dessert, so why not make your dog their own pumpkin and peanut butter cookies? Or how about some pumpkin turkey treats for the cat

Store Bought Feasts: Are you too busy cooking human food to make a pet treat, but still want to give your pets a feast on turkey day? Why not try Merck's Thanksgiving Feast for dogs or Homestyle Turkey & Liver Stew Homestyle by Prairie cat food, both available at Bark 'n Purr! Or just try a new wet food flavor from your normal store. Just make sure to mix it in with their current dry food to make it a bit less stressful on their tummies! You can also give your pets a few pieces of cooked, boneless turkey from your table as a treat.

Keeping Pets Occupied During Dinner: Avoid begging during dinner by stuffing a dog kong toy full of peanut butter and kibble, then leaving it in the freezer for a few hours. It's a great chilly treat that will keep them occupied for your feast. Try getting cats new cat nip toys to keep them pouncing all night long! 

Check out more Do-It-Yourself ideas on our Pinterest Page! 

Keep your pets safe this Thanksgiving by reading through this article!

Why Your Kids Should Grow Up with PetsWhy Your Kids Should Grow Up with Pets

Some parents may find the idea of raising children and owning pets rather daunting, but research continues to show that being raised in a household with pets helps children to be better adjusted and healthier! How exactly?

What Kids Are Saying:

1. Almost 50% of all children with pets interviewed say that living with a pet makes them happier.

2. 30% of children say that being around their pets makes them feel calmer.

3. 20% of children say that their pets make them feel smarter.

4. Over 33% of kids say that owning pets makes them feel more caring and like they have more responsibility

5. 20% of kids say that they feel more confident talking to people because of their pets.

6. 79% of kids said they their pets have had a positive effect on their schoolwork.

But you don't have to take their word for it! 

How Pets Help Improve Kids Health:

1. Research by Miami University in Ohio and Saint Louis University found much of what the kids above say is true! They found people with pets had higher self-esteem, were more physically fit, were less lonely, were more caring, more extroverted, less fearful and less preoccupied. 

2. Studies are showing that kids that grow up around furry pets have a lower risk of allergies and asthma than kids who do not. In fact, research from he University of California, San Francisco shows that the dander from pets helps fight off a common respiratory infection that leads to asthma in children. Research by  Kuopio University Hospital suggests kids who are around furry pets also saw a lower need for antibiotics! In fact, the researcher, Eija Bergroth, suspects "animal contacts could help to mature the immunologic system."

3. Research by Marion Vittecoq and Frederic Thomas of the Tour du Valat research center suggests that owning a pet could help prevent Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

How Pets Can Help Your Child Develop:

1. Research has showed that reading to dogs helps children improve their fluency by 30%!

2. Growing up around pets teaches children how to care for another creature and improves responsibility!

Do you think your family might be ready to add a pet to your family? Come visit the Austin Humane Society to meet pets that are purrfect for you!