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Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is one of the most exciting days of the year for many people, but it can also be a deadly day for pets if owners aren't cautious and well-informed. Take a moment to review our Thanksgiving pet safety tips to ensure that the whole family has a magical holiday.

Beware of Bones
Turkey bones cansplinter when pets eat them, causing a severe choking hazard. If you give your pets meat this Thanksgiving, make sure it's boneless!

Turkey Talk
If your pets do get a little turkey treat, make sure it's well-cooked and don't share the stuffing: many common ingredients in stuffing, such as sage and walnuts, can be toxic to your pets.

Don't Share the Sweets
You probably know that chocolate is bad for your dog, but did you know that artificial sweeteners are toxic to pets? To be safe, avoid sharing any sweet treats with your animals. 

Watch the Dough
When an animal ingests uncooked dough, their body heat causes the dough to rise and expand, which can lead to some serious complications! 

Quality Over Quantity
A few bites of pet-safe foods shouldn't pose a threat to your pet, but make sure not to over do it. Too many treats could leave your pet with an upset stomach! 


Are you looking for yummy, pet-safe treats to provide your pet during Thanksgiving dinner? We have you covered!

Kong is King
Try stuffing your dog's Kong toy with kibble and peanut butter to create a yummy food puzzle to distract them during dinner! You can even freeze it to provide an extra challenge!

Bake Your Own Treats
Are you in the baking mood? Consider baking your pet some delicious holiday treats like these easy Kitty Yum Yum's and Pumpkin Dog Treats!

Why is AHS' Adoption Center Closed?

We have received a large number of emails and calls wondering why our adoption center is still closed two weeks after the Onion Creek Flood. We are still caring for 85 victims of the floods who have been displaced or lost and continue to receive more each day. Our staff simply cannot provide these animals with the specialized care they require and search for their families while also conducting adoptions. But don't worry -- AHS is a no-kill shelter and no animals are being euthanized or running out of time! 

But don't let that deter you! We are still adopting out cats through our offsite catteries at PetSmart at 183/Ohlen Rd, PetSmart at Parmer Lane / I-35 and the Petco in the Arboretum! Looking for a dog? Please visit our friends at Austin Animal Center!

We are unsure when your adoption center will re-open, but in the mean time all adoptable AHS animals are receiving lots of love, care and training! We are seeking fosters who are willing to bring adoptable animals into their homes temporarily and free additional space here at the shelter. If you're interested, please email today!

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween is about tricks and treats for humans, but it can be deadly for pets. Follow these tips to ensure everyone has a happy Halloween!

  1. Keep the candy to yourself: Chocolate and artificial sweetener can be toxic to your pets so be careful about where you set down your candy!  If you suspect your pet got into the sweets, please call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.
  2. Costumes aren't for everyone: Not all pets like to dress up, so please don't force a costume onto an uncertain pet. Doing so can cause lots of stress. Also, make sure that any costume you do put on your pets doesn't have small peices that can easily be swallowed or restrict hearing, sight or breathing in any way.

  3. Keep your pets inside: It's important that you keep your pets indoors, away from all the commotion outdoors to ensure they stay safe.  Even social animals should be kept away from the front door where trick or treaters will be to ensure they don't escape or get spooked. 

  4. Be cautious with candles: Jack-o-lanterns are fun, but be cautious about the candles inside them. Your pets could easily knock them over or burn themselves.

  5. ID's are crucial: As always, make sure your pet is wearing an ID tag in case they do escape during the commotion of the night! It could save your pet's life! Don't have a pet tag? Come to AHS to get one today!