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Why is AHS' Adoption Center Closed?

We have received a large number of emails and calls wondering why our adoption center is still closed two weeks after the Onion Creek Flood. We are still caring for 85 victims of the floods who have been displaced or lost and continue to receive more each day. Our staff simply cannot provide these animals with the specialized care they require and search for their families while also conducting adoptions. But don't worry -- AHS is a no-kill shelter and no animals are being euthanized or running out of time! 

But don't let that deter you! We are still adopting out cats through our offsite catteries at PetSmart at 183/Ohlen Rd, PetSmart at Parmer Lane / I-35 and the Petco in the Arboretum! Looking for a dog? Please visit our friends at Austin Animal Center!

We are unsure when your adoption center will re-open, but in the mean time all adoptable AHS animals are receiving lots of love, care and training! We are seeking fosters who are willing to bring adoptable animals into their homes temporarily and free additional space here at the shelter. If you're interested, please email today!