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Help Amplify AHS!Help Amplify AHS!

We are just 7 days away from Amplify Austin 2014!

Help the Austin Humane Society raise $35,000 as part of the city wide giving goal of $4 million dollars!

How Can You Help?

  • Donate! You can donate now by scheduling your donation on the Austin Humane Society page or donate instantly during the 24 hour giving period from Thursday March 20th at 6pm until Friday March 21st at 6pm online.
  • Create your personal fundraiser page- This is your own page with a unique URL that you can send out to friends via social media. You can track your fundraising progress and raise anywhere from $50 to $5,000! Create your page here by creating an account and then adding a fundraiser under the My Fundraiser tab. Once approved by AHS-you can start fundraising! Make sure to create your page before March 20!
  • Spread the word on social media- Re-post stories, photos and links from AHS' Facebook page or weekly eScoop newsletters.
  • Attend our event at The Microsoft Store at The Domain- Meet adoptable animals, grab a snack and donate to AHS or just stop by and say hi from 6-9pm on Thursday March 20th, read more details here.

See how much the city is raising live during the 24 hour period on the main Amplify Austin homepage.

Help us save lives and Amplify Austin! With your help we can do it!

Resolve to Improve Your Pet's Life This Year!Resolve to Improve Your Pet's Life This Year!


In January, we always spend time resolving to improve our lives and our actions in the coming year, but don't stop there! Resolve to do the following things for your pets and you're sure to have happier, healthier pets this year!

  1. Resolve to brush, groom and bathe your pet regularly and to check your pet's nails, ears and teeth weekly.
  2. Help your pets stay healthy and lose weight by taking them on more walks, throwing the ball more often or providing them with active toys and games!
  3. Make sure that you don't miss your yearly vet check up!
  4. Did you know that the majority of pets in the U.S. are overweight? Read the label on your pet's food to ensure you're feeding the the correct amount! Remember -- you should feed them for the weight they should be, not the weight they are. 
  5. Try something new with your pet! Whether it's a new training class, dog sport, hiking trail, game, or type of toy, enrich your pet's life this year by adding in some variety!
  6. And last, but not least, resolve to love them unconditionally for another year!

If you have questions on how you can improve your pet's health, help them lose weight or address behavior concerns, make sure to talk to your vet!

Pet Owners Advised to Prepare for Dangerous Winter TemperaturesPet Owners Advised to Prepare for Dangerous Winter Temperatures

As winter temperatures dip into the teens across Texas, the Austin Humane Society is encouraging pet owners to take immediate precautions. Extreme cold temperatures present great danger to pets, particularly those left outside. 

“When animals are faced with bitter cold winter temperatures, they can suffer without showing extreme symptoms,” says Dr. Katie Luke, Austin Humane Society Chief Veterinarian. “Please keep your pets inside tonight if you can. And be sure they have access to unfrozen water when outside.” 

With temperatures forecasted to reach into the teens Tuesday morning, AHS is asking you to help spread these tips to keep animals safe and warm.

  • Keep your pets inside. Texas pets are used to extreme summer temps, not winter freezes.
  • Make sure outside pets have a warm place to sleep. Keep them off the cold ground and away from the wind. A cozy pet house, complete with a roof and four walls, is essential.
  • Consider dressing your pet in a coat or sweater. Choose pet clothing that covers the neck, shoulders, back, belly and base of the tail. Pet booties work as well.
  • Provide access to fresh water. Check bowls to make sure the water has not frozen over.
  • Active pets need more food. Increase their supply of food. Calories help keep them warm.
  • Beware of hidden cats. Outdoor cats will sleep under the hoods of cars to keep warm. Bang loudly on the car hood before starting the engine. It will help give the cat a chance to escape. 
  • Exposed cold surfaces can freeze paws. When walking, try to stay on the grass.
  • Thoroughly wipe down your pets. They can ingest salt, antifreeze or other potentially dangerous chemicals while licking their paws.
  • Antifreeze is lethal to dogs and cats. If you suspect your pet has ingested something toxic, call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.