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Why Should You Join the Animal Friends Giving Club?

As a member of the Animal Friends Giving Club, you’ll have insider access to everything AHS, from being the first to know about special animal stories, to getting exclusive deals and discounts from our awesome paw-tners. Members also receive invitations to exclusive events and tours as well as our quarterly newsletter, The Inside Scoop.

  • It’s cost-effective! When you join, you reduce the amount of money we spend on
    postage and mailing. That equals more money towards helping the animals we love!
  • It’s convenient! Automatic payments mean you don’t have to remember to write a
    check or make a gift online each month.
  • It’s flexible and simple! You can set up your monthly donation in just a few minutes.
    Plus, you can increase or decrease your payment, or even cancel at any time.
  • It saves lives! No matter the amount you give, it adds up! Every dollar helps give a
    second chance to a cat or dog at the Austin Humane Society.

  • Join the club that’s truly saving lives – join the Animal Friends Giving Club today!

    Join the Club!