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Pick a pet, save a life.

A dog. A cat. A cat who chases dogs. A dog who snores like a cat. It really doesn't matter. Just adopt. They all need homes, they're all perfect, and they're all waiting. Had a bad day? What bad day? Spilled a snack? Here, boy! Need a hug? So do they.

Zachary & Dietz Family

Adopter of the Month

Zachary & Dietz Family

Zachary was a long-term resident at the Austin Humane Society due to his FIV condition, which requries that he go home as the only cat. Now he is loving his new home and has fit in very well! He and the resident dog, Buddy, have become BFF's and even cuddle together! Congratulations to Zac and his entire new family!

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The “sniff test” works for dogs. Our process of picking a pet friend isn’t much more complicated. Come in and let our Adoption Counselors help you find the perfect animal companion.

Adoption Fees

When you adopt from AHS, you’re not only saving a life, you’re also saving a lot of money. At AHS, our adoption prices vary according to the age, breed, and size of an animal.

Our most popular breeds have higher adoption fees in order to leave a financial legacy for animals in our program that need specialized medical care or training in order to find a loving home.